Easy Fish Tacos

A quick and easy recipe for Easy Fish Tacos, ready in just minutes. If you love fish recipes, try this flavorful and quick dish for dinner tonight! So good, you are going to love it.

You are going to love this one. Simple, easy and packed full on flavor. Moist and delicious what more could you want for some seafood tonight.

I grew up on seafood. As a young child we lived very near the ocean and seafood was probably our main dinner dish in one way or another. I think I had it some much as a child that I got pretty sick of it. When I went out on my own I never touched seafood for years.

I think it wasn’t until my 30’s that I re-developed a taste for the sea. Still a couple things I still have a hard time with but for the most part I love it. Especially any kind of white fish or shrimp. Maybe one day I will even get back out on the water and cook up my own catch.

Easy Fish Tacos

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