12 Ways to Attract Bees to Your Garden

Bees are a much needed addition to any garden. I think at this point we all know how beneficial bees really are.

Bees are a great sign of a healthy and thriving garden. Let us be honest we need them and I mean really need them. Our flower gardens need them and yes our vegetable gardens need them as well.

“A significantly reduced bee population is a problem for all of us because our food supply depends on bees. In fact, more than 150 crops grown in this country rely on pollinators. On the list of pollinator-dependent crops are apples, blueberries, almonds, melons, citrus fruits, pears, pumpkins, and plums. Pollinators also help plants that feed livestock and plants that produce fiber, such as cotton.

Fortunately, there are many steps you as a gardener can take to help increase the food supply for bees and improve their habitat. Most of these are not only easy to do, but they will bring benefits to your garden as well.”

I have quite a large garden. A pretty big vegetable garden in the back yard and a large flower garden in the front yard. My garden thrives every year a large part due to the amount of bees that are pollinating my area.

I am lucky enough to live close to a bunch of bee hives and it seems they all come here everyday. I also have quite a few big Bumble bees that are living in my gardens. 

Have a look through this list of ways to attract bees to your yard and watch your garden thrive. 

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