18 Bee-Friendly Ways to Stop Garden Pests

Bees are a much needed addition to any garden. I think at this point we all know how beneficial bees really are.

Bees are a great sign of a healthy and thriving garden. Let us be honest we need them and I mean really need them. Our flower gardens need them and yes our vegetable gardens need them as well.

“But don’t worry, there are ways to fight back! Bee-friendly solutions like companion planting and attractant plants can help keep garden pests at bay without the use of harsh chemicals.”

the question then becomes, how do you get rid of the garden pests but still protect those helpful bees?

There are ways to fight back and have your garden thrive as well as grow and protect your bee population.

Have a look through this informative roundup and get started on some of these practices this gardening season.

18 Bee-Friendly Ways to Stop Garden Pests

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