18 Cool DIY Outdoor Fire Pits and Bowls

The best summer nights always involve good people, good food, and a space that encourages good conversation. Keep all those good feelings going well into the night with an outdoor fire pit! 

“Choose your idea – a fire pit, a fire bowl, a glass box or even a fire bowl inside your dining table. The piece can be made of recycled materials like an old washing machine, or just new ones – concrete, brick, glass and metal. Read some tutorials below to find out how to build a fire pit of your dream, take some fireplace wood and burn it with your friends and relatives, enjoying the cozy atmosphere.”

Here is a great roundup on 18 Cool DIY Outdoor Fire Pits and Bowls. Have a look through these creative ideas and tutorials and get started on your fire pit today.

18 Cool DIY Outdoor Fire Pits and Bowls

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