20 Marvelous DIY Wind Chimes

I love sitting out on the deck or working in the yard and hearing the wonderful sounds of a wind chime dinging in the wind. I have to admit in the past I have always bought my wind chimes but I have to say this year I plan on making my own.

“If you follow the ideas that you are going to be able to see below, you won’t need to spend a lot of time and don’t worry about materials because they are all around you, and they are free. All you need is a little bit of creativity and good spirit in order to make yourself a charming wind chime that can create a relaxing atmosphere in your garden or even inside your home if you decide to place it next to a window or a door. Enjoy!”

Here is a great list of 20 Marvelous DIY Wind Chimes so you yourself can get creative and make your own wind chime for your yard. Have a look through this list as I am sure you are going to find an idea that you love.

20 Marvelous DIY Wind Chimes

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