25 Awesome DIY Road Trip Games

Most of know some simple games like “I spy” or even “coloring books” but there are so many great and fun road trip games that perhaps you didn’t even know about. Have a great driving experience and having some laughs and spending time with a loved one with these creative road trip games.

“So, what do you do with those bored, antsy, “stop touching me!” kids? There’s screen time, for sure. But for breaks in the screen time, here are 25 awesome DIY road trip games and travel kits you can make and pack to keep the kids busy.”

I grew up on card games and board games. I carried that on with my children and as they got older we continued. The games just seemed to get more complicated. This list of 25 Awesome DIY Road Trip Games are so much fun. Have a look through this list as I am sure you are going to love them.

25 Awesome DIY Road Trip Games

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