30 Off-Grid Uses for Duct Tape

I think that by now we all know that Duct Tape really is quite a miracle product. However there is a variety or amazing and even creative uses for Duct Tape that can benefit us all in some way. Here is a great roundup on 30 Off-Grid Uses for Duct Tape. Have a look through this list and start putting some of these fantastic ideas to use today.

“One of the most versatile and practical survival tools is that familiar roll of silver-colored tape. In fact, you should keep a roll in your home, car, and backpack at all times. But before we get into the many ways this product can help you in a pinch, let’s get the important stuff out of the way. Is it called duct tape or duck tape?”

I know for me I usually always have it in my home. I have it handy in case of anything really. I just did not know about all the other ideas and things that you can use this product on. Have a look and you might be amazed.

30 Off-Grid Uses for Duct Tape

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