37 Edible Plants You Can Easily Grow In a Hanging Basket

I love my garden but I remember when I lived in an apartment and had no where to make a garden. At that point I didn’t have any idea of the fantastic things you could grow in hanging baskets. Here is a great list of 37 Edible Plants You Can Easily Grow In a Hanging Basket. If you cant have a garden have a look through this list and get inspired.

If you are not able to have a big garden then this list is probably for you. to be honest I don’t think it really matters anyway. Add some hanging baskets to your yard or balcony, wherever you want a little extra growing area. Have a look and see what may work for you.

37 Edible Plants To Grow in Hanging Baskets

I remember many years ago now, I had a large 100lb Boxer dog names Zeus. He had always loved vegies of any kind. I thought I had the bright idea to put a planter right at my back bock with some small Cherry Tomatoes. That way I could grad them easily for salad, snack or dinner.

At least I thought it was a good idea at the time. The Tomatoes plant grew incredibly. So healthy and big… I was excited. Then I would see a whole lot of batch of green Cherry Tomatoes coming in…. Then nothing…. Days later more batches of green tomatoes. Never a red one anywhere. I was confused, annoyed and I did not understand. 

Then one afternoon I went to check on them yet again. I knew there was quite a few that were almost red. That is when I caught my dog in the act. I was shocked….


He was picking ONLY the ripe ones and being all so gentle with the plant. Picking one Tomatoes off at a time. Not damaging or picking any other Tomatoes. 

I ended up leaving that plant for him to have, after all he never damaged the plant in any way, and I just picking mine out of the garden itself. From that year on I always had one or two planters for Zeus.  Tomatoes and kale were his favorites.

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