69 Creative Mason Jar Crafts and Ideas That Are Easy To DIY

I have made a couple of these projects. I think that we all have some Mason  jars lying around the house. Mason jars seem to pile up while your intention is to make something out of them or bring them to the recycle depot. Well here is a great list of projects to make with those glass jars.
“If you are the kind of person that loves to add a personal touch to every part of the home to make it cozier and more unique, then you have already tried crafts with Mason jars.
The glass containers can be repurposed into festive decorations, functional organizers, wall hangings, gifts, outdoor fixtures and many more.”
I think you are going to love this list, I know that I sure do. I will defiantly be using a few of these great and helpful ideas. Have a look and see for yourself what will work for you and your family.

Glowing Glass Bead Wine Bottle
What you need is…..
Clean wine bottle
Glass beads of your choice
Hot glue gun
Glow stick
Tin can (optional)
I use a tin can to hold my wine bottle, it seems to make it much easier.
Place your wine bottle upside down in a tin can
Starting at the bottom and with your hot glue gun. Glue glass bead in rows up the can.
When you are about half way up, you can take the wine bottle out of the can and set it on a flat surface.
Continue with the glass beads to the top of the wine bottle.
(You will notice at this point that you probably have “spider web” looking glue strands all over the bottle. don’t worry about this when you are finished use your hand or cloth and just rub the dry “spider webs” off)
Place glow sticks (usually 2 – 3 small ones work fantastic) inside the wine bottle.
This makes a beautiful decoration during an evening BBQ.
(Using glow sticks makes this extremely portable and reusable again and again)

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