Cajun Clam Chowder

“Clam Chowder is a Boston classic! Rich, creamy and chock-full of hearty potatoes and salty clams, this decadent chowder is unbelievably good. And y’all, if possible, go for the bread bowl because you deserve it.”

Soup is a fantastic meal alternative. Whether it is with a healthy salad or perhaps a delicious sandwich, soup is great for any meal of the day. Here is a wonderful recipe on Cajun Clam Chowder. Have a look and make this for your family tonight.

I tried this recipe a while back and I enjoyed it very much. It was a hit with my whole family. My oldest son absolutely loved it and decided to take all the left over soup home with him when he left so I have no idea how well it get re-heated. I asked him how it was, warming back up and his only response was asking me when I planned on making more.

Give this recipe a try as I am sure you are going to like it as much as myself and my whole family did.

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