Clean Your Dogs Teeth With Homemade “Greenies”

Recently had my oldest dog in to have a lot of her teeth removed. After paying the over $1000 vet bit, I am now very aware of how important it is to keep up on your dog’s teeth.

I am not completely sure how much of a difference Greenies would have done for my dog’s teeth however I am aware that anything would have helped.

“Greenies” help with your dogs breath and help clean their teeth. Now here is a recipe to make your own homemade “Greenies”. and your puppy dog is going to love them.

“They were even shaped like a toothbrush!  I always doubted the dental cleaning part- Greenies always seemed to stick to the dog’s teeth… like gummy bears. I have wanted  to make my own greenies for a while now.”

Clean Your Dogs Teeth With Homemade “Greenies”

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