DIY Tiki Torches (with Video)

There is nothing fun about sitting outside enjoying yourself with family or friends then the sun sets or goes behind some clouds and out comes an army of Mosquitos.

We have all unfortunately been there again and again. You can spray yourself with Mosquito repellant but not only is that not good for you. It feels gross and sticky. so what do you do?

Make mosquito-repelling Tiki Torches!

This little DIY project makes use of citronella. From backyard barbecues to public outdoor areas, citronella torch fuel is one of the most effective ways to repel mosquitoes while providing ambient light!

This is a very easy project and you will find it very useful and helpful. So helpful in fact that you will want to make a few of these candles or torches for all around any area that you want to be able to sit and enjoy yourself. Have a look and start making one today.

DIY Tiki Torches (with Video)

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