13 Plants That Keep Spiders Away

“Certain plants have been proven to repel spiders, both indoors and out. Most of these plants have a strong odor since aromatic plants are generally more effective at repelling insects. Strong doesn’t mean unpleasant, though. Some of the loveliest scents out there, like basil, mint, and lavender, all repel the creepy crawlies.”

I know that spiders are great for gardens and to be honest they are right up there with bee’s for importance. Knowing all this, I still don’t want to be around them. Sitting out on the deck it really bothers me when a big spider crawls over me or around me.

I know it is an unreasonable fear but it is a fear none the less. A very big fear. Then there is inside the house… No thank you!!!

A lot of these plants would do well as a potted plant sitting on your night stand. Lavender for an example would also help with sleep and relaxation as well as keep your bedroom spider free.

Have a look through this great list of plants and see what will work for you around your home, inside or out.

13 Plants That Keep Spiders Away

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