Natural Ant Repellents: Get Rid Of Ants Without Using Harmful Chemicals

I know that not all insects are bad for your home or garden and some can even be beneficial at times but let us be serious, for the most part we want them gone. Especially ants! We want them off the counters, away from our food and out of our house.

Here is a great tutorial with a easy to follow recipe to make this effective repellant with out loading your home with a bunch of nasty chemicals. Have a look through this recipe and make a batch for yourself today.

Natural Ant Repellent

Spider Mite Spray

1/8 cup buttermilk
1 cup whole wheat flour
1 – 1/4 gallon of water
1. In a bucket combine all of the ingredients and mix completely.
2. Load into a spray bottle.
Spray this homemade Spider Mite Spray anywhere spider mites are living or crawling.

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