30 Companion Planting Pairs for a Productive Garden

Positive Hosting: Planting in proximity to plants which produce a surplus of nectar and pollen can increase the population of beneficial insects that will manage harmful pests.

“Companion planting is the process of planting certain combinations of plants together to provide a mutual benefit. There are all kinds of plants that work in harmony to help each other resist pests, prevent diseases, attract pollinators, or even take up nutrients.”

The benefits of Companion Planting include:

Minimizing Risk: Companion planting increases odds of higher yields even if one crop fails or is affected by natural hardships like weather, pests, or disease

Crop Protection: Companion planting can offer a more delicate plant shelter from weather such as wind or sun by growing beside another plant which can shield and protect while itself having a natural defense against the harsher conditions.

Trap Cropping: Companion planting is the ultimate organic pest management system. Some plants helps repel unwanted pests, while others can be used to lure pests away from the garden. This is referred to as trap cropping.

30 Companion Planting Pairs for a Productive Garden

Homemade weed killer

Simple to make with no harsh chemicals


1/2 Gallon Apple Cider Vinegar

1/4 cup Table Salt

1/2 tsp Liquid Dish Soap (Dawn works great)

Mix these ingredients together and place in a spray container.

Spray weeds thoroughly

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