Homemade Gummies (Adults)

“I’ll cut to the point here, and I’ll explain much more about the health benefits of gelatin tomorrow, but I invented fruit snacks made out of wine yesterday (at least in my mind I invented them—maybe it has been done before?). They were amazing. So, I refined the recipe a little, and made them again today… and they were even more amazing!”

Here is two fantastic recipes for homemade gummies for adults. Gummy Wine Hearts and Margarita Gummies. These are in fact homemade not the typical recipe that you soak already made gummies in alcohol. Have a look through the tutorial as I am sure you and all your adult friends are going to love them.

Homemade Gummies (Adults)

chocolate vodka strawberries

Whip Cream flavored Vodka
Dark Chocolate
Soak strawberries in whip cream flavored vodka for 24 hours
Dip them in melted chocolate
Refrigerate and allow chocolate to harden for a sensational adult treat.

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