5 Gallon Bucket Plant Stand with full Step by Step tutorial and full product list.

This is an amazing idea that has just blown up all over the internet. The picture originally was just just for inspiration but his fantastic post has a full tutorial with step by step instructions and full product list.

I know for myself I will be making one of these this year for sure. I plan on using it for Tomatoes but this can really be used for anything as a 5 gallon bucket definitely has some room for most plants.

I was thinking of doing multiply of different veggies but I always seem to never have enough room for my Tomatoes so I think I will load this up with those. Perhaps I may doing 2 of these stands. One for Tomatoes and one for a variety of different veggies. 

I am excited to get these planted in my garden. Have a look through this tutorial and start on yours today.

5 Gallon Bucket Plant Stand

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